So after we had an awesome meal and a stay in the honeymoon suite at Columbia Gorge we made tracks for Tillimook. But on the way we stopped off at the Air and Auto museum in Hood River. By far one of the best museums dedicated to the early years of aviation. I love the era between 1915 to around 1939. The Western Antique Aeroplane and Auto Museum focuses on this era. Melissa had to pry me out of there. I highly recommend this stop.

In Tillamook we first stopped at the Pioneer museum. Don’t waste your time. Not only was it the single worse museum, the lady on duty “highly recommended” the worse hotel I have ever been in. Mind you, I have slept in some dumps in my life. But this place was terrible. We were able to vacate that dump and made tracks for Lincoln City an hour south. While there we stayed in a good room for a decent price.

We also headed to the beach on the way where Melissa got some great pics with her camera and I took one of my RC cars to play with. That evening we ate at Schooners and had awesome service.

One of the things I am trying to teach Melissa is to pack light and keep your bag ready to go and she has done really well. She has also done great at finding last moment hotels and places to eat as we fly down the road.

While we didn’t get the chance to fly this trip, it has still bee a good trip with stops to see some of the local aviation lore. It gave us as a couple to reconnect and work our way back into the nomadic life we love.

From the road on my ipad……

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