Adventure IQ Relaunch

Yes it has been a long break from both the blog and the podcast. I can’t even remember the last time I layed down a vocal track for the audio portion of this adventure.

It dawned on me suddenly a few weeks ago that with the exception of flying….we had simply quit adventuring.

We met as a family this week to redefine both what we wanted to do both in our adventures as well as the direction of Adventure IQ.

Over the next few weeks you will start to see this in the blog and the podcast. I will even provide a hint to one of thendirections we are moving in…… “Overlanding”. No….its not jerking a fish out of the water too hard or an over-zelous water skier hitting the shore too hard. It is adventuring in a vehicle….being totaly self sufficient….etc. will share more in the next few weeks asnwe learn ourselves about this style of adventure.

Thanks for your patience with us and hope to be blogging and podcasting soon

Rob, Melissa, and Abby
Adventure IQ


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