Overlanding to Atlanta (Idaho)

This is one of my favorite back-country trips. Have done it several times in the summer– but never a winter trip…Atlanta is a historic, rustic mining town that has a population of 20-30 active miners. There is a saloon and dry goods store there. It was named by Confederate sympathizers when loads started coming out of the area.

Coming out of Boise, you hit Hwy 21, then over (the now one-lane) High Bridge and take a right on the Middle Fork Road. This will take you past Arrowrock Dam and Reservoir. The road is all washboard and there are several spots where you have to strategically find a pull out and let oncoming vehicles pass since it a narrow road.

A favorite soda stop is the Twin Springs Resort population 2. Atlanta is 68 bumpy, twisty, and beautiful miles from Hwy 21 on the Middle Fork Road. Lots of spots to pull off for lunch, etc.

About 2 miles from Atlanta I had to turn around. The roads were glazed with ice and with steep drop offs into the river I had sucked in the drivers seat through a certain orifice. I have done the run enough times that I was ok with calling it off — moving to lower terrain and playing on the off-shoots I passed on the way in. Rock slides were prevalent and witnessed two in progress– even braked in time before a bowling ball sized rock bounded down. Would have hit me in the driver-side glass if I had not been paying attention.

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