Wretching About Wrenching

I am the world’s worst mechanic. I can do something if shown how- but to sit and figure out how something works is not in my skill set. I have taken apart countless motors from lawn mowers to motorcycles in effort to teach myself, and not once have I ever put one back together. It doesn’t matter if it is a tune up or replacing a timing chain….I suck at working on rigs. My school didn’t offer auto shop class and my Dad who is an awesome DIY guy- was just too busy keeping us in a good house with food on the table.

Just hooking up lights to my rig took over half the evening...yes I am a pathetic mechanic

With that said, I enjoy working on a vehicle under the right conditions. I am there to assist, I am getting trained, the garage is warm, and there are good tunes in the background. There are a few people I have jelled with when working on a vehicle. I enjoy those times.

I currently have three rigs right now that need attention:

1987 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

  • Won’t start- period
  • New transmission
  • New slave cylinder
  • Doors replaced
  • Dash replacement
  • Armor (roll cage, front and read bumper, tire rack)
  • Other “too many to mentions”

1994 Jeep Wrangler

  • Gas line leak
  • Front differential leak
  • Rear differential leak
  • Front bumper build
  • Roll bar
  • Rear bumper modification
  • more “too many to mentions”

2003 Nissan XTerra

  • Tune up
  • not so many- too many to mentions- but it has 170K on the odometer

So this year I’m aiming at improving my mechanical skills and bringing guys together that are in the same lack of skill set category I reside in. My hope is to get 3-4 guys who suck at car repair with 1-2 mechanics  over the summer that will walk us through the process of learning how to swap our own brakes, water pumps, and maybe a transmission.

I figure these skills will allow me to save some cash, make me more secure in the back country, and teach me to enjoy the wrenching process.

I have been thankful for the guys who have stepped in to help out– and I really do pull more than my share once we dive into the project. Once I do learn how to do stuff I can take over. I admit there is allot of it that is a confidence issue. Sometimes just having someone there to look over my should to let me know I am turning the bolts the right way is all I need.

I would be interested to know of other guys in this same situation and would appreciate feedback either here or on the AIQ facebook page.

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