Its Alive!!!! (aka- the new website is up…)

This has been an ongoing labor of …. well infatuation.  So instead of working out tonight I am head-down in my laptop trying to figure out how to use a new web page designer.

My efforts are to combine the wordpress site I have for my blog, our youtube page, and my (often neglected) podcast on libsyn and itunes. Oh and Facebook and Twitter as well…

Adventure IQ has taken its shifts and turns since its first few days in 1987 when I had the idea to teach different kinds of adventures from rappelling to scuba diving. It has seen me through a few relationships, multiple carer paths, and more hobbies and interest than I can even begin to count. If I was to go out and get a new tattoo the odds are that it would be an Adventure IQ logo before anything or anyone. Even with its pliable state- it has been the one solid thing in my life.

Probably because it is not jealous, it has nothing to boast about, and AIQ and I have not allowed money be an issue– we are happy being poor together.

So as I sit here and wait for the new data to load and wonder how I will transfer all these files and pages in a seamless portal to all our extended AIQ family I couldn’t be more happy with the relationship.

As we trend from mountain biking, to getting me certified as a pilot, and continue our adventures in overlanding….keep in mind that though the media and adventure outlet may change, the mission and message of Adventure IQ has never wavered. We are still a portal to inspire others to get outside, try something new, and get off the couch!

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