Passing of an Icon

I am not a believer I the adage “at least they died doing what they loved.” In fact I will throw the BS flag on this. I will chalk it up there with other non-sense such as “better to have loved and lost than not loved at all” and “all battle is glory”. I don’t believe in the final moments of tragedy anyone who embraces life to the fullest, feels that in any way. I love kayaking, but when it almost took my life 5-years ago, thoughts were with my wife and daughter and I was moments from never seeing again.

Sorry to start this blog off on such a negative tone, but I am dealing with the shock of loss. It is a sad day in the world of adventure. Someone I admired and had even worked on a few projects for, died this morning. Steve Appleton, a terrific CEO and a model for adventurers everywhere was killed in a small plane accident. I admit this is tough to swallow not only because I admired Steve, but as a pilot we all share a since of loss when we lose a fellow aviator. Steve had a passion for life and adventure. He raced motor cycles, baja cars, was a stunt pilot, and other incredible accomplishments.

Being in the world of adventure there is always a chance that someone will not return from something perceived as “risk”.  Not for a moment would I want to change myself or anyone else who is honestly adventurous and does things outside the norm. A great adventurer that will be missed. Yes, simply rambling at the moment.

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