What Knot to Wear

Really sad attempts at a pun…. I know….simply pathetic….

I love knots and have had several experiences in learning knots. Stressful ones such as the one in Pre-Ranger and less stressful- but equally intimidating with my friend Amund- who is a knot whiz. I feel I’m pretty good turning rope into all kinds of useful things. I cam haul, hoist, or hold just about anything you can imagine. Give a boy some rope and the whole world….never mind.

I recently came across a really cool app. Now I am always suspicious of apps- especially when it comes to anything that is adventure based. There are allot of promises in the app world that fall short of their glory. But this app is incredible.

It is a simple knot guide from Columbia. I would not use the guide in the field (although you could), but I find it a great app to practice tying everything from bowlines to monkey fist. I tend to keep a 3′ piece of para cord on me for knot tying, and this app simply helps me practice my fascination with rope. Also it is from Columbia, and even though I have given them various degrees of feedback on products, I still feel they are one of the few mainstream companies that has not lost their edge in the outdoor gear industry.

I still carry a knot card with me- its small and a great reminder on how to tie lesser practiced knots, especially after a long day (or days) when my mind is tired.

42- Days on a trail--- you get to know some knots really well--- for others I carry a knot-card

Give it a try- and forgive me for the bad puns.


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