Badges of Courage

So looking at one of my packs tonight I suddenly realized how much of a pack rat I truly am. I think I knew that but then I realized how much of a geek I am for patches, stickers, pins, and post cards from places I have been to. I love ordaining my water bottle with stickers of cool places, my backpacks are covered with patches of travel conquest, and my journal is littered with postcards, paplets, and ticket stubs.

I think this started when I was young. My family got me started on postcards and keychains. I have one of the coolest collections you will find. I still like grabbing a post card to go in my journal. I also love sending them to my kiddo when I am on the road. In todays cyber.connected world they are so out of the norm. As far as keychains….I like to snag one every now and then to throw on my pack for a little mojo.

Water bottle stickers are fun for Abby. It gets tough sometimes to find them though. Still fun to have to hunt for them with her.

I guess I like collecting the stuff because its a more of a reminder for me….and I have been stopped a few times with comments of where others have been in common. So maybe not badges of honor….but badges of a life well lived.



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