Re-Post- Making the Commitment (2005)

Looking for some old documents I came across several postings from the original blog. This doesn’t go as far back to the original (posted on the website) but the first one on our old podcast site. Takes me back to a very different time in the work we were doing and our method of outreach at the time. Some of these old entries captured friends and family no longer part of us. For various reasons these people have departed and our crew and community look very different than it did then.

Though I won’t share all of the blogs, I will post a few here and there to add flavor to the journal. I might even be compelled to comment at the end of each…a little…

So here is the first one I submit…

“Making the Commitment”
Posted on January 5, 2005
OKAY—So I’m supposed to come back from vacation and have a whole new year planned out. Somewhere this week should be a letter about a commitment to growth —announcements about new adventures—- guest speakers– new equipment— sponsorships— new studies….

I came back from vacation wanting another one. The time went too quickly. Spending time camping with my wife in the snow—watching college bowls with my Dad—wrestling with my youngest daughter—campfire vigils with my friends…who could think about long range planning?

But there was a commitment renewed for us as a family. We will spend one weekend a month –together as a family—in the outdoors. A few months ago it was a bold move for the both of us and for the most part saw success..

Its not far off base– when Melissa and I were dating and newly married—we traveled all over in the outback. There was hardly a weekend we were not out somewhere together.

Houses, bills, jobs, and other “priorities” took us away from the single reason we married—time with each other. Rescuing the beauty means for me—a commitment to do the things we love—and share that when safe—with our children.

This is also a commitment we have made to each other to live a much simpler life. The focus is not on the yard, my job, etc—It is on my wife and children. I am a happier man for it.

The rugged outdoor guy who is into motorcycles, kayaks, SCUBA, mountain biking, rock climbing, and other extreme sports may soon find himself in a camping trailer. Yes I have to admit I’m looking at a pop up trailer for the family. I even stayed in a KOA cabin last week!

Yes 2005 will be a year of growth, many new adventures, cool equipment, and intense studies. But want I want it to be focused on is the family and friends that made 2004 so good. Everything else just helps to support those relationships.

Five months after the above blog was posted, we were in Idaho living the life we so desperatly needed. This is Abby playing at the Warm Springs airport during one of our overlanding trips. Mission Accomplished!

Interesting to look back on how at the time I was burried in a career path that was killing me and the breakout from that life that lead me out of it. Even the writing style was differnt then. It was like we were taking our first breath of fresh air after drowning in a torrent river.

We made a conscious effort to live a life where we would live fully alive. At times I wonder if we are still commited to that – and unfortunatly have to admit that we are not. I guess its time to sit the family down and re-commit to the life we preach. Yes- admitting I myself fall short of the things I feel so strongly about.

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