Passion of RC

We were created from dirt, and when we die we will return to it…in the mean time I will use it to play in, create in, and grow in…..

So among many things- I love RC cars and trucks–

We got started in RC cars a few years ago. On a whim Abby and I were watching a race and decided as a daddy/daughter projec we would give it a shot. So within a few hours we were new owners of 10th scale rigs by Traxxas, a Slash and a Stampede.

Fast forward through other rigs we have purchased, road racers, rally cars, and other various types….if it drives in the big world we have owned, built, driven, traded, and sold it in the scale world.

My passion has been in the 1/16 scale cars for the past year. I like the ability to pack them with me when I travel for work. They easily fit in a small backpack along with the controler, spare batteries, tool kit, and a grab bag of parts. The only draw back is no one else in my area drives them. I have been able to race when I travel, in Idaho its all about the 10 scale short course trucks.

So I built my own track. This is designed to attract friends, neighbors, daughter’s school mates, whomever wants to get together for an evening under the flood lights, burn some burgers, and drive our cars. It is a combination of RC track, English garden, and Xeroscaping. I wanted a fun track that didn’t look good enough to entertain non-rc friends in, yet be adventurous for the driver.

Rally on the starting ramp

My 16 scale “garage” currently consist of 3 mini-slashes, 3 min-revos (MERV), and a Rally, and recently a Summit….all made by Traxxas. All of which at some point have journeyed with me either on business or pleasure travel. I enjoy evenings behind a hotel or walking to a local park after a long day and playing with one of my cars. Last summer when Melissa wanted to do a photo shoot of beach creatures on the Oregon Coast, I occupied my time on the beach with my Mini-Revo

What does this have to do with adventure? Everything. We took on a task as a family, we communicate and work together on the project, we even have a fire pit. We are OUTSIDE and OFF THE COUCH. For me, it gives me time to play. Yes play, just like a kid would do.
here are some videos of the track

Btw…. There is an open invitation to come and drive….almost anytime. This is how it looks if you were driving at night

You can get into rc cars for under $200, or what some people pay for cable tv over the course of a couple of months. As with any hobby, you can invest as much as you want. I discourage department store rigs simply because when (not if) a part breaks, it is not replacable. Several of our cars were built from parts we had laying around from other projects.

I highly recommend one of our sponsors….Team Dewey Toys and Hobbies in Nampa, Idaho. These guys know their hobby very well.

Give it a try and again….if in the area give us a shout and we’ll let you drive our track!

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