Soothing the Baby Soul

Neil Peart of Rush in his book “Ghost Rider” described the need to sooth his baby soul after the tragic loss of his wife and daughter. If you listen to the words and watch the video to “Far Cry” you will find this theme throughout the performance.

I have had not similiar losses, but loss of great magnitude none the less. I have also been under a great deal stress with work projects, family issues (the good kind- Melissa prepping for her vet tech state board), and just life in general. I have been surrounded by negativity in the past year, which in turn, has made me a negative person. I also know there is a much larger story I have stopped living.

After a very unrestful night, I took off for the mountains this morning with nothing particuliar in mind. I am so surrounded for opportunities that at times I don’t make a choice because I am overwelmed by the abundance of choices.

I decided to head up Highway 55 from Boise towards….well towards wherever I went. I decided to not shoot any video, think about the blog, or track my progress on GPS for later download. I wanted to return to that guy who just lives for the moment. I wanted to do what any good parent would do with a restless infant….place them in a car and go for a drive. Even if momentary, I knew I could quiet my own baby soul.

The road is good therapy. Roads have so many metephores. There is the highroad, the open road, the road to recovery, and the narrow road. I was looking for any road that would sooth my soul.

As I was entering the town of Horseshoe Bend I found such a road. Harris Creek Road that would take me up and over Placer Summit, and after slogging my way through mud, rain, sleet, and snow, would eventually deliver me in the town of Placerville.

I mention snow, but had not counted on a full scale white assault to take place. As I climbed higher, the driving rain became a near complete white out. As my rear wheels slipped out of alignment with my front tires, I shifted into four-wheel drive and continued my quest towards Placeville.

Upon reaching the summit, I discovered I could only see about 10 to 20 feet in fron of the vehicle. Only a few miles short of town, I decided to turn back, the safer alternative. I felt this was the right choice since I had not seen another vehicle the entire day, my wife “sorta knew” where I was, and my GPS/flight weather program had a full screen of blue and green headed my way.

Once below the snow line, I picked a few rabbit trails to follow. Most of these meander along small creeks to old mines. The tracks are barely wide enough for the Jeep. They offer a sence of solitair for my pup and me, and chances to get out and explore.

After getting back to Horseshoe Bend, we took Highway 52 towards Montour and then Emmett. Montour is very special to me since that was where Scout and I would hunt. (Read older blogs if you don’t know the story of Scout).

This is a great birding area for both the hunter and bird watcher. I love exploring this area. I have stayed away since losing my pal, but felt it was time to go back. Early spring is one of my favorite times to go since most of it is closed off from February to July. At this time it serves as a bird sanctuary (supported and funded by bird hunters) and if you are careful and watchful you can spot some of the rarest of foul.

The baby soul was stirring again, not ready for healing, but needing to be soothed by the road once again. We headed towards Emmett and then home.

The Gem County-Boise County border area is one of my favorite places I have yet to fully explore. I love this area at this time of year. There are fresh water springs that pop up, plenty of pull-off spots to stop and start a small camp fire, grill up lunch, warm your wet bones, and open medows where a guy and his dog can get muddy as they wrestle and play.

Today, The Jeep is muddy, the pup is asleep, the baby soul was temporarily soothed.











6 thoughts on “Soothing the Baby Soul

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  2. Melissa

    Glad to hear you are back to visiting a grew of your favorite places. I have yet to start that journey after the loss of my own special pal.

  3. Rob

    I know what you mean Melissa….not ready to open the door on Sport….that one stays burried real deep. Losing Scout was so sudden, outnof the blue, and I still carry guilt in me about the accident….I think that is why his passing is so much harder. Add the fact I held him as he died, the circumstances he came into my life, and the fact we were still realing from the loss of Sport… has taken so much from me.

    My new pal has never tried to take his place, and I have never tried to use him as a substitute. He is his own self….and I’m so thankful he is completely different in every possible way.


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