Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp

Imagine a place where a kid can safely learn respect for the outdoors, conservation, archery, shot gun, riffle, black poweder, and caring for their equipment.

Imagine a kid learning about rules, regulations, ethics, and preservation of hunting. A one-day event that has reached close to two-thousand kids and has been responsible for first time hunters legaly and ethically harvesting game.

Finally a camp that introduces common sense survival skills taught at a “kids perspective” that have been used by participants in real world dire situations….and have come out alive.

This is Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp and we have been fortunate to teach a seminar there since 2006. Scott established this camp eleven years ago as an outreach to kids of single moms who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about the outdoors.

Scott’s army of volunteers brings in hunters and non-hunters alike to work together to provide a free day camp each year in Emmett, Idaho. That’s right, the entire camp is supported through volunteers and donations …. and is 100% free. The camp has grown from a small band of helpers into a legitimate non-profit organization and lures some of the industrie’s top names for both its seminars as well as corporate sponsorships.

Not only do kids get a day of great outdoor education, each participant is fed a lunch, kept hydrated, and leaves the camp with a gift. We’re not talking small gifts, in some cases prizes have included (with parental permission and control) custom made knives, back country airplane rides, guided hunts, and in a few cases their very first hunting rifle or bow.

This has been one of the coolest camps we have ever been involved with and look forward to teaching our seminar (6-8 times a day). We have thought about stepping back a few times, but the rewards we get each year of a kid learning fire craft or using the skills we teach them keep us coming back.

Take a moment to listen to my interview with Scott. If you are interested in supporting Scott or the work of Adventure IQ (specifically for this camp) please drop me an email.


3 thoughts on “Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp

  1. syhc

    Hey Rob,
    We absolutely have been blessed with this camp. It is an amazing thing to be a part of doing something positive for kids and teaching them to go enjoy God’s Country, Critters and Creation. He made all of it for us to enjoy and BOY DO WE ENJOY IT! Get off the couch and go enjoy it too!
    Thanks for all you do,
    Scott “Scooter” McGann

  2. syhc

    We have been so amazingly blessed in our home just by being a small part in this camp. The volunteers make this camp what it is. It is so rewarding to know that we are a positive influence on our kids. I love seeing these kids learning about GOD’S creation, mountains and critters. He made it all for us to enjoy. We love getting out in the mountains and enjoying what he has given us. Wether it’s food in our freezer, pictures on our camera or just memories in GOD’S COUNTRY. Get off the couch and the X-box kids and go explore this amazing world HE created for YOU.
    Thanks for all you do Rob,
    Scott “Scooter” McGann

  3. Joan

    This camp is an amazing experience for the campers and volunteers. It is a pleasure to help the youngsters experience the aspects of a hunting camp and to watch their excitement as they learn shooting, safety, survival, game calling, and knife sharpening. They meet new friends, learn to behave in a group, respect others, and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. And they come back year after year! The volunteers also come back year after year – because the kids are awesome and it’s FUN!


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