Fish Heads

Day 3 or is it….4? Too much fun to stop and count!
An amazing day in the workshop as we worked our way through presenting in English. I was impressed by my participants ability to present their first presentations. Not only is speaking a second language comendable, but the ability to do all the things neccessary to deliver a solid sales presentation.

We capped off the day with a post work meeting at another hot pot resturaunt. This one was quite upscale from the evening before and was made complete with a wait staff who prepared each course for us. It was a wonderful evening with new friends and although I didn’t always understand the words, I still enjoyed great company. Laughter consistantly filled the room and Belinda provided translation for me.

This specific hot pot specialized in a live seafood menu and instead of cooking in water, a rice milk was used. Peter, one of the participants and someone I had built a wonderful rapport with, guided the whole affair.

I am so thankful for my many host here and have no idea of how I could ever repay their hospitality.

Headed for a decaf and a short walk before turning in. Only slept a few hours last night and I am exhausted from teaching all day. Looking forward to clean laundry. Not looking forward to explaining the bill to our finance team…. $75 for jeans, shirt, and 4 pairs of socks to be washed. I guess the “ancient Chinese” secret is don’t let the Chinese do your laundry….






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