In Need of a Burger!

Shenzhen day…6….. I forget…..
I know its Friday, and been away from home for a week. Nothing comparred to my old life as a soldier, adventurer, and nomadic vagabond. It has been a wonderful week of new experiences, friends, and food.

At felt guilty at first. The desire for something familiar. To be away from situations where I have to work to understand and be understood. Someplace safe. Someplace with less humidity, no noodles or rice, and more of my custom. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love the life on the road but I am tired. An introvert by nature I have been in front of a class, in front of client’s at dinner, and in situations where my brain has to work to keep up. I need time away from the long stares, girls asking me to to teach them English, and special prices on copy watches.

After talking to my new friends in China and understanding and even finding simularities when they come to the US, I admit that tonight I am not going out on the town for experience, I am staying at the hotel for a burger.

Yes, this is my second one. In anticipation I hope it does not disappoint. The last was so good.

Ahhh….it is arriving and looks ….. Wait….sending back it need to be cooked a bit longer. Not remembering the phrase to use I quickly search my kindle for the phrase.

Normally when I travel I carry a language book and highlight pages as well as write useful phrases. Though the Kindle and iPad are useful, nothing beats my tatered language books and I wish I had brought them with me. Having Belinda here as been a help. She is my body guard…and with her going back to Singnapore I am feeling a bit insecure.

Ahhh….it is back…..with the bun cooked more and not the meat…..

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