Shenzhen Day 1

Not even sure if I can get this to publish from here but will give it a shot…

Left Boise in the early hours of Friday and boarded the first of many flights, drivers, and a short walk through Chineese immigration, and finally into Shenzhen. Slept for only a few hours, wide awake at 6am so I decided to eat a huge breakfast and begin exploring the city today. The primary target was to find the Stone Trees, a pertified forrest located in Fairy Lake National Park, about 8 miles or 30 minutes in a crazy taxi…..

I found a really interesting park in my quest and was able to knock out another goal and see the Hong Fa Buddist Temple.

The taxi dropped me at the gate, I paid my 10 rmb, and decided to walk up and through the park instead of taking the bus. Inspite of spraining an ankle, I had a great workout and according to the GPS, walked about 4 miles. That is 4 miles of inclines, declines, humidity, and dodging cars, bikes, and anything else with wheels.

I saw a procession of monks reciting their creedos as the walked up hill to the temple. I made good time on them since every 5-7 seconds their walk included stopping to lay prostrate and then get up and walk again.

I will do a more detailed write up later, still tired from the trip over and I need to see if this will even post up. BTW….no facebook or youtube this week…. China bans it….

Also best American hamburger….. 4 Points Hotel in Shenzhen…. I wish we would back to making burgers like that again.

Off to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs I down loaded…. and find some dinner





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