Just Joined Outdoor Blogger Network

As we try to get the word out about our mission and who we support– we decided to sign up on OUTDOOR BLOGGER NETWORK for a little more specific culture in the areas we try to reach…so let’s see how this goes for us– Pretty excited about this opportunity and feel this is another venue to gain new followers as well as help our own audience find other outdoor news.

A few quick updates– We are in the process of getting an agreement with NBRAN to support them as we travel and spread the word about the plight of pups who need good homes– stay tuned! We also took in a new foster pup, Champ, who is a sparky little pup.  Would do great in a family (or single guy/gal) who loves adventure.

We are headed for Indian Meadows this week to explore a part of the Owyhees (Idaho and Oregon) that does not get a great deal of attention….or traffic! We are getting access to private land that has quite a bit of history.

Just finished a keynote speech on Geo-Missions, specifically the ones we did in Korea and China. Had a terrific audience and I think my buddy Brad even took a few pics.

Will be doing more survival seminars next week- but to be honest- as much as I enjoy these, I really need to find a new venue for a keynote I am doing on Vehicle- Based Expedition. If you know of any venue that needs a speaker- let me know. As I pilot this one out- I will be doing it at no charge.

Working on the rest of the blogs from the Idaho Overland Expedition…but real work is in the way…

Had a great weekend of exploring Petroglyph sites in the desert…man it was hot…

Which leads to….posted a video on YouTube about a special piece of gear to keep yourself cool…. 

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