HJR2 for Idaho

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Quik checkin to talk post first BMX race and most important where we stand on the proposed Idaho admendment to the state constiturion.

First- we moved to Idaho because we love what the state offers in its history and traditions and in no way wanted to make it like “where we came from”.

Second- In spite of a few rib jabs, humor, and when politicians disrespect our troops or flag, I am careful not to post politics on my page. Even when those who cry for tolerance are intollerant of my opinion (wierd).

But because it addresses our access to the outdoors- I am asking our Idaho friends to vote YES on HJR2 For the current and future outdoorsmen (and women) that are a part of our state and an Idaho tradition, voting “YES” will help them. I have lived where these rights have been taken away and it has trickled down to other outdoor activities that do not involve those hunting and fishing.

The out of state anti-hunting groups have already assaulted our rights in our own state, by voting YES, it would keep them from bringing lawsuits against our own state. These are folks who do not live here that are pressing their beliefs against us as citizens- and not allowing us to select our own destiny

We made a choice to live here and did not move to make Idaho like the place we just moved from. Supporting the life and traditions that were already in place- we are voting YES on HJR2!

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