GoPro Black

We are HUGE fans of the GoPro line of cameras. strapped to a helmet, clamped to a roll bar on the Jeep, dropping from a plane….yep…we put ours through the ringer.

This was the primary rig we used on the Idaho Overland Expedition, our trips to Korea and China, and all of our adventure events.

But you don’t have to be into extreme sports to fall in love with this versatile rig. Like stop action, like diving trips, like family ski vacations? Stop action, live action, still pics?

Creative types will love the artistry of mounting them to egg-timers, using a rotisere’ skewer turned on its side with 30′ cordage and a rolling platform with a GoPro set in stop-action mode, or strapping it to a dog as he runs through the woods.

The GoPro Hero3 is 25 percent lighter than the Hero 2. It’s also 1/3rd  smaller.  However, the height and width are unchanged to maintain compatibility with the existing line of BacPac add-on modules and rear doors for the clear plastic hard-shell.

The new six-element a-spherical lens offers twice the image sharpness, while reportedly eliminating the fish-eye look of the video and photos. If this is the case this is the ONLY downside for me— but most shutterbugs will appreciate this.

The Black edition has built-in Wi-Fi, normally a feature that comes with one of the expansion model. This allows you to record directly to a computer hard drive or even broadcast to live feeds.

The front panel now has two indicator lights…one red to indicate that the rig is recording and one blue that blinks indicating that Wi-Fi is active. A huge improvement is the small red indicator lights on the top, back, and bottom panels that are visible from most angles….meaning I no longer have to put my mug into the shot to check to see if its recording.

Recommend if you get one of these you pick up a 32 GB card for lots of room for video…

Check out this episode

[iframe src=”” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no”]

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