SPOT GPS- Come Find Me!

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This one piece of gear is going to extend the life of my folks…

The SPOT GPS lets my folks who worry about me know where I am when out in the back country…. The SPOT GPS doesn’t tell you where you are, it tells your selected friends, family or fans know where you are, that you are okay, or you need assistance….it can also call out the calvary if needed. It is a six-ounce salalite messenger…

I get asked—what exactly is satellite messenger? Basics- it’s a lightweight, water-resistant, study transponder  that communicates with global communications satellites and a low earth orbiting satellites.  It transmits your location to others so they know where you are when you press a button to tell them.

We have tested the SPOT extensively this year and it is now a primary piece of equipment for day trips, weekend excursions, and adventures in Asia and Europe. It allows us to provide our position and that we are doing fine through a website as well as the SMS and email messeges it generates at the touch of a button.

A basic subscription of $99 per year enables the four primary features. These are two ways to ask for someone to rescue you, a third feature is called “Check-in/All-OK,” and the fourth feature is similar, called “Custom Message.” The fifth is the tracking mode and it runs around $60…this allows people like my dad or others I give access and a link, the ability to pinpoint our location. I am going to put one of these in Abby’s car when she starts driving.

The flagship feature is the the “SOS” button – that you never want to touch unless you really need to. Its like 911 on a cell phone- asume it works, don’t test it, the calvary will show up….you will likely be fined.

How it works is when you activate the SOS it notifies a third party emergency rescue coordination center that you have a life and death emergency and need help.  

This is a must have for any adventurer that you love. Makes a great gift…or perhaps the gift is the adventurer who gets it to give his parents and other loved ones piece of mind

Check out this episode

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