Safari Shirts


I love safari shirts. They go great with cargo pants and hiking boots or shorts and flip-flops. I can be found most days wearing the above…except for the occassional kilt…but still with a safari shirt. It causes my wife and many of my co-workers grief.

Specifically with work, I have tried jackets and ties, sports shirts and slacks, even dockers as a bridge between GQ and Alan Quartemain…doesn’t quite do it for me. Date nights, well an excuse to wear a nice shirt with polished boots.

The super synthetics that are put out by Columbia and ExOfficio are great, and this is what I pack for most of my back country travel, but the old heavy cotton shirt is what I love. No less than three ounces per inch, tan, with large buttons and pockets on the chest….

I have plenty of the synthetics, but lately I have been looking for a shirt to replace my favorite…. An old Eddie Bauer bush shirt. I had several of these but now down to the lone survivor. This last of the bush wear is now 10 to 15 years old, tan, light cotton, and the most comfortable shirt I have ever owned…and discontinued. It has survived international travel, my FAA check ride, and hundreds of campfires and Jeep runs. I think I paid $30 for it at the time. When I look for a replacement… $85 and up through $140 for a nice bush shirt.

I know “cotton kills”, but I have my own thoughts and ideas of when it is acceptable to wear. For me, living in cotton is more often the important aspect.

Even Abby has taken to them….


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