How Recon G6 Made Me a Better Guy

I know I still owe blogs from the Oregon and Nevada G6 we did….and even an article on what G6 is in the first place.

Quickly, G6 is a scale-based adventure specifically for RC vehicles. Not only do the vehicles have to carry small scale items such as fuel cans, ice-chest, etc…but each G6 has a theme. Moonshine runs, transporting scale turkeys, ghost and zombies as support crew, surfing, etc.

Each G6 is an all day and night activity requiring drivers to navigate an adventure course. Think National Geographic meets Dakar at a 10-scale level. For more info, check out the interviews on our podcast.

Finishing a G6 is like winning a G6. Drivers not only need to drive well, they also need to work together to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, repair rigs on the trail, even tow each other back…picking up your truck on the course, even to flip it over in a crash is prohibited. Thisnis why each rig has at least a tow strap…many have winches.

Here are the main reasons G6 has made me a better guy…

1. I am outside doing adventure and getting my playful and adventurous heart back. For a time, this has been lost. Drowning in work, this (Adventure IQ) project, and other responsibilities, I simply forgot how to play.
2. Working with others. Even my buds know I am a loaner. Granted, in RC I spend 90% of my RC time alone or with Abby and Melissa, the G6 gets me out socializing with others.
3. Belief in the goodness of others. Follow this blog for a while and you will see where we have been burned a few times. Trusting others has been a huge hurdle for me. The G6 has done more than restore faith and trust in others, it is providing a sense of community…more churches and outreaches should take note here…
4. Provides quality time with family. We have a new reason to get outside and play. We also work and modify our rigs together and have a common interest. Taking breaks on a trail offers opportunities to talk…serious and not so serious.
5. Travel to new places for new reasons. A big part of AIQ is travel, but now we are hitting new places both local and regional. I found new hiking areas less than 10 minutes from work. We are now going places just to drive in a G6. Probably would have never seen Bend or Sparks if it had not been for going to a G6.
6. The big chill. Melissa’s job requires long hours and sometimes I wait for her so I can take her home. Abby has school events that require a dad to take her, wait for her, pick her up afterwards. I often travel and have nothing to do at night since I don’t run the bars. All this empty time allows me to relax. Driving my rig in a rock garden or urban jungle gives me a chance to shake off the rest of the world. I am a better husband and daddy when relaxed.
7. Giving back to the community. Part of this is evangelizing the hobby. Part of this is by picking up trash on the trails.Part of this is freely giving somebody a spare part to get them going again. Part of this is setting up a trail for others in an informal setting. G6 has helped me in all the areas.
8. Recon G6 has made me a better RC driver. The courses set up by Brian Parker, the father of G6 are designed to make you better at RC adventure driving. Anthony Rivas of Rivas Concepts took time during the Paranormal G6 in Sparks a few weeks ago to coach me through a difficult water/boulder section. Other drivers like Will of AwesomeActionRC, Jason of Hoy Fab, and Jed of Back40 RC each have given guidance and support on the course. Being a better driver means I can teach those same skills and coach others now.

There are probably more reasons G6 has made me better, but those are the top of the list. This is an amazing hobby and I highly encourage you to get involved.





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