Last Love Letter

In a workshop a few months back I was blown away as a group of ladies joined in solidarity that in a survival situation they would not harm any animal. A bit baffled I asked why. The answers ranged from not wanting to harm another living being to thinking they just couldn’t stomach the idea of killing something and then eating it. None of them were vegetarians, all were married, and all but one had children.

Going to the dry erase board I asked and then wrote the names of their family members. I then went to my pack and tore several blank sheets of my journal and handed each one a page. “This is one of the last pages you have left in your journal; please write down what I tell you to”. The letters looked something like this.

Dear John,
I am so sorry that I got into this situation. I wish you were here with me to make this easier. My lips are chapped and I can feel every ache. Please God, tell me what I did to deserve this. I have done what I thought is right and in good conscience. My body is growing week, my stomach aches, and I hallucinate. I so want to be in your arms again.
I think of the day we met. I think of each of our children and when they were born. I remember the Birthday celebrations, the trip two years ago to the mountains, and the second honey-moon we never really got. Darling, you mean so much to me, but I am sorry, but these animals mean so much more to me. I cannot take their life to save mine. I regret to tell you, they are more, much more important than you and the children.
Please let all those I love know I have not forgotten them.

You make it back no matter what you have to do and no matter what you have to sacrifice. You make it back for those you left behind.

You make it back no matter what you have to do and no matter what you have to sacrifice. You make it back for those you left behind.

When it comes down to it, no animal, bird, plant, tree, shrub, whatever is more important than you or those you are trying to get back to. You need to first make the decision that in a situation, you are going to do whatever it takes to make it back alive. Second, train now. Abby ripped open her first bunny at six. In my survival camp, kids get to see first-hand what it is like to field dress a game bird. In some of my advanced private classes we have killed and eaten chickens and soon, goats to get people in the right mindset and to understand the skills needed to properly prepare game. Love animals, respect life, but come back home to those who love you no matter the cost.

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