Day Three of our NW Overland Expedition- Glacier to Bonner’s Ferry bwo Canada

Third day on the road. Great overnight in Glacier. Really wish we could have seen more– but so much of the park is closed due to snow. We picked up our yearly pass, paid $23 for a camp ground and $23 for wood. Melissa cooked up her awesome pita pocket meal. Note to self- make sure the pita pocket bread doesn’t freeze or it will break apart when re-heated.

I got some hang time in my hammock, played with my pup a bit and we got to weather a short thunderstorm with lightning hitting as close as three-hundred meters. It was great hanging with Melissa by the fire while we both wrote in our journals.

This morning we were up and out of camp and on dirt by 8am. We attempted to take the dirt road just out of Fish Camp, but it came to an abrupt end around the 8 mile point due to snow. We turned around and made tracks for Bonner’s Ferry with lots of dirt road stops along the way, which also included a stop-off for Huckleberry Pie for breakfast. We also stopped at the middle fork of the Flathead to let the pups run crazy.

Part of this trip was to explore old US 2. Once west of the hustle and bustle of K-town it was everything I hoped for. Windy turns with mountains, lakes, and beautiful scenery. Taking our time we made the 4-hour journey to Bonner’s Ferry in 6-hours.

I got us checked into a hotel so I could drop girls and guns off- grab a quick shower, let Melissa hit the laundry mat and then I dashed for a quick crossing of Canada. Because I am short on time (for dinner) I will cover that in another blog when I can dedicate time for the “incident-free” trip….hope you get the sarcasm.












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