Day Nine- NW Overland Rally

So on day nine we awake at the North West Overland Rally in Pine, Washington. The growth this rally has had is incredible. Last year camping directions were “go find a spot out there”. This year we were given a defined space, and we really stretched our boundaries with tent-trailer, shelter, and Abby’s tent.

The rally is an opportunity to meet other overlanders, take a few classes on living and traveling out of a 4×4 vehicle, take group drives with various skill levels, and attend workshops on recovery, cooking, driving, and other related topics.

I am always glad to meet up with old acquaintances and meet new ones. Abby quickly found Jack from Adventure Trio. They are both close to the same age and have tons of miles in remote travel. While Abby has spent her time in a Jeep, Jack and his family work from motorcycles. I ran into John Reid who we have had contact with at other events.

There is also the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their travels, equipment, etc. once again this year I have great neighbors and last night enjoyed good conversation around our Little Red Campfire unit. Henrik who I will interview on the podcast just finished two-years on the road with his wife and owns a company that has designed a security drawer system for full-sized oick-ups. We spent the evening talking travel, business, and equipment. I used to feel out of place at the events because I am often surrounded by retired CEOs, highly successful business owners who have either sold their company or can work from the road, or self-made men who live off their previous success. I now see it as opportunity to learn about success and gain nuggets of truth from hard-working individuals who also know how to enjoy their triumphs.

One of my goals is to find storage solutions for our rig. I want to either buy or build a drawer and storage system that helps us stay organized while on the road. I’ll be talking to allot of vendors and DIYers.

I can’t sigh off today without mentioning some the equipment being demonstrated and sold here. Adventure Trailer of course has the rig I will build someday, a fully livable JK. I will be doing an interview with them as well. AEV is also out here and brought there 4-door Wrangler along as well.








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