Random Thoughts on Bushcrafting

First…not a big Myers-Briggs fan…hard to take a few billion people on the planet and put them into 16 classifications. But some would say I am an introvert.


The world often sees us as loners. Off in the wild on by ourselves. Hermits.

I admit, I need time alone to recharge, but I love showing people the ropes in this lifestyle. I also teach corp adults in my day gig…making contact with 50-200 people per day…so on the weekends…I often like to get to myself.

Growing up I did what we now call bushcraft. I was scrawny, too small (but still loved) to play football. I lived in an area far from other kids, or at least other kids that weren’t getting into serious trouble. I had a small patch of undeveloped land that was my safe haven. Away from bully’s, teachers, etc. I didn’t have access to a Boy Scout troop so I took myself through most of the outdoor skills and then worked my way through some military survival manuals.

Later in life, I look back and see this as a pattern. I break away but don’t disconnect from others. I find my recharge time is in a hammock with basic gear. Even on business travel, I pack a small kit and find a place to camp or at least practice my skills (you draw crowds in Taipei, Shenzen, and Seoul when experimenting with fire steel and local tinder).

When stationed in Germany around 1989, I moved out of my apartment for a while and lived in the woods for about 6-7 weeks. Showering before duty and keeping my uniforms in my wall locker at work. Would love that opportunity again.

not a hermit and far from a loner- I do need the time for the outdoors to heal and recharge me from time to time.

Just wondering how the community out there self describes yourself.


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