Hundred and Twenty Minutes

120 Minutes. I believe that this is a critical period of time that if you can keep your brain occupied doing something useful you will fare better in a survival situation. It provides enough time to do something meaningful to improve your situation without becoming all-consuming. It is a period of time to make something that can be improved upon later. Its 1/4 of an 8-hour day, a time block many of us are accustomed to.

A few weeks ago I started a new challenge. I based on the two hours I have to spend while Abby is at various band practices. I’m lucky that I only have the one kiddo and not a van full that I have to run from event to event. I don’t like vans…

I have about 2 hours that I can do just about anything I want while I wait. I have used that time to read from my book list in my quest of 15-20 books a month, write my own blogs, booklets, flyers, etc, and mindlessly surf the social media sites. I decided to be a bit more productive and learn a new skill set. I decided to work on mini projects that could be done in short order. Here are the guidelines that have developed out of it:

  1. Produce something useful for my outdoor life in under 120 minutes.
  2. All items must be in or placed INTO my pack prior to working on the product (dye is excluded since I already have had one bottle break on me).
  3. Must be items I normally carry, however exceptions can be made for final look and feel (stamped letters, etc. though I do carry a few stamps but no hammer—use wood to strike/baton)
  4. Items that do occupy my pack include:
    • Speedy stich sewing all
    • Leather awl
    • Needles including Sail, Leather, Sewing
    • 6×6 Denim and 6×6 BDU/ACU
    • 10×10 Leather (works as a back-cushion for my Frost River pack)
    • Thread: Artificial Sinew, Processed Sinew, Bank Line, Cotton, Nylon
    • Bees Wax
    • Brads (6-8 #12s), small cutters, and punch
    • Leather Punch
    • A tool for marking where the thread goes
    • a few random stamps like feet and letters for my name

So far I have created a few cool items. They don’t look great since first, I am really new at this (less than 6 produced pieces) and I am working agianst the clock for funtionality and not form.

Learning the basics of doing work like this provides a few advantages.

  • A useful skill in the bush
  • A psychological advantage if lost of stranded, keeps my mind occupied
  • I have stuff I made not bought.

Sample of my 120 work:

Needle Wallet

I made a Hussif or Housewife Bag before starting this endeavor. a small sewing bag to hold all my stuff in my pack. Still I needed a way to hold all my sewing, leather, and sail needles along with a speedy sticher awl.11136693_817603161650014_8324861191790379673_n 11133660_817603148316682_3679259955707017738_n 11156343_817603128316684_3693856304621708304_n













Mag Glass Frame

I needed a way to protect my mag glass, my latest fetish for fire starting on days we have sun. I had seen several of these, and though it’s not pretty, it keeps my mag glass well protected. I also made a much uglier sheath for it. IMG_6909






Knife Sheaths

These have been fun to make and making the 120 was not possible until I decided to not use glue and keep it strictly brads and thread to keep the sheath together. Since then I have progress to not using brads on projects. BTW- I do throw in extra leather for sheath projects.

11051824_813188598758137_1437814250976477492_n 10425395_813166015427062_457774323447097901_n 1508008_813165958760401_2953923171429677888_n













Hawk Mask

My Tomahawk rides on my ruck sack and I really didn’t like the cheap mask it came with. I made this a few weeks ago while I waited for Abby in the parking lot for band practice. The one item I did not have with me at the time was a snap to close the case. Going down to the local arts and crafts shop to buy one is included in the 120 minutes.1907517_815650485178615_1634124879216657093_n


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