First Bushcraft / Survival Knife

I get several questions about knives a week. Through email, facebook postings, and questions from participants in our workshops, more than any other, people want to know about knives.

I’m somewhat divided in my answer to each. Usually I ask what they plan on doing with it. The answers range from the unrealistic expectation to simple camp task.

I have several knives I pack with me. I have a BOB which is a great knife, but sometimes falls outside the price range for some new to the craft and the same can be said for the Tracker I have in my bag at times. So for a first knife for all no matter level, but specifically for those just venturing into the discipline of fieldcraft and bushcraft I recommend the Morakniv.


For a new bushcrafter or survival student this is a great first blade. A price point around $20 makes it attractive. A self locking sheath keeps it well secured and gives a new explorer a first leather project, making a scabbard or sheath should they chose to do so.

Both the Carbon steel and stainless steel blade options come out of the box ready to make feather sticks, shavings, and with care can batton wood to make split-wood for creating fire. It holds a good edge and can be made razor-sharp. I have even done a few wood projects such as bowls, spoons, and whittled a forest wizard on a hiking staff with mine. The blade can even be used to spark a fire steel if in a bind. I like how the handle fits the hand and its easy to grip with wet or sweaty hands.

I like this knife so well that we provide it in our FireCraft and other workshops. Check out the Morakniv and no matter your level of experience in the outdoors get one to throw in your pack.

Here is a link to get yours!

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