Breaking Board

I think for the most part I’m confident. On a relative level- much more confident than I was in high school when I lacked the gusto to ask girls out, stand up to bullies, or rebel against society…well the rebelling part was probably based on better judgment and no real desire to do so.

This morning I was confronted with a challenge by a buddy who does executive coaching and has been a life-coach to star athletes. He’s had some unique experiences and has unique ways of teaching. Today I got challenged to break a board.

I first declined because of the recent injuries I took when playing “Rocky the Flying Squirrel” down my stair case. Stitches, jammed shoulder, elbow…all the stuff you probably know about if you follow my blogs and videos. Or…was it that. After walking away I realized I do this allot lately. I refuse to take risk. I refuse to go out on a limb. I refuse to break the board.

I don’t want to be that guy again who walks away from opportunity. I want to bring back the guy who bust has @$$ to get something he wants, take chances, learn new things, and go after new experiences.

I broke the board. One of the cleanest breaks my buddy has seen. But more than just breaking a board, I broke out of the rut I put myself in.

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