Living From the Heart

This weekend I posted pictures of our latest FireCraft class. Photos of participants lighting their first flames with a ferro rod. Pictures of students cooking bannock with cast iron and flame. The moment someone blows a few sparks in a tinder bundle digitally captured in a jpg file. There are pictures of me as well. Images where I’m teaching, demonstrating, and coaching. I uploaded over a hundred pictures as well as video from this one day.

There is one picture however that has drawn allot of attention. I had several people comment on it. Since it seemed to be popular I moved it to my personal facebook page. It drew more attention. When I got to work the next day, a few co-workers commented on it. Old girlfriends even “liked” it.

Why is this single picture “viral” in my close circle of friends? I’m happy. Truly happy in it. I am living from the heart in this picture. I am following the schematics of how God hard-wired me. I am in my element.

For so long I have taken on this pursuit in so many directions. Adventure IQ has taken on so many different forms. But this last month it returned to its original format. To get people outside, off the couch, and to give them an opportunity to discover themselves through adventure. To put the ownership back on the participant of getting a return on their investment. To not be the sole guy at times trying to persuade people to come out and play. To not mope because half the participants didn’t show up and me being the one stuck with all the gear, materials, and food.

To give me a venue to share something I have a deep passion for. You see, when I teach a class, I’m not just sharing skills I developed, I am showing my heart. I’m bringing my time as a kid in Arizona and Texas where playing in the woods, creeks, and lakes taught me important life lessons and kept me out of trouble. I’m bringing my own real world experience where I did survive against odds. I am showing you the guy who still lights 5-7 fires a week, makes survival tools for the fun of it, and even a glimpse into the time I sit alone and contemplate the words God has written on my heart.

The real Rob Anderson has been mostly MIA the past nine years. I think he is on his way back. So for those of you who don’t know him, or those who forgot who he was, let me introduce the real Rob to you…


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