Advanced Training Journal- Outing #10

Yes- journal entry #9 is missing– it didn’t get posted and is somewhere in hard copy. These are entries from my advanced work that had been posted…

I wanted some 1×1 with my bride (Sport1996) and a chance to decompress, work on skills if she wanted, recon an area to do some training, and get her into observing wildlife.

First huge success on all parts. I took her to my “secret spot” where she had a chance to glass about 25 Antelope. We did a bit of tracking, and saw some fantastic areas. All this was near Haggerman, Idaho. I also took her out to the Malad River where we gathered more wood for her to practice twig fires. There is a spot that deposits MILLIONS of twigs of various woods when the river runs high…and it makes easy pickings for gathering wood for multiple practice fires when doing backyard bushcraft.

I also identified an area where we can work on some skills with the family on an upcoming overnighter.

All in all–great day to just spend time and refill her emotional tank. Treated her to a great lunch and spent time walking the river…even did some bouldering.


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