Advanced Training Journal- Outing #14

This is entry number 14 from advanced training. This was specifically a photo shoot for an article I wrote for TCT Magazine

I just wrote an another article for a Toyota Overlanding Magazine. We were told that we could provide pics then we could get a bit more coin out of it—or at least get the shots we want from the photo team. So we used this as an opportunity for a Basic outing (Melissa) and Intermediate (Abeni) and then my Advanced.

Sunny day along the Payette in one of our favorite areas. I also used it as an opportunity to collect punk wood and cotton wood bark for charring, willow and cotton wood inner bark for cordage, and also cotton wood, willow, and some other tree I am not sure of (Juniper?) for hearths, bows, and spindles for bow drills….also inner bark to dry out for Stone who donated a ton to us last week.

Will post vids later—for now—- pics….


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