Advanced Training Journal- Outing #15

This is the last journal entry from the advanced series. As time permits I will add pictures and video to it. I will also continue on with my postings from other training sessions where I provided journal or other updates in the training.

Journaling is an important aspect to survival and bushcraft training. Its a great way to not only reflect on what you have learned and a measurement of previous experience, but also provides a road map for yourself as you gain new experience.

10 February 2015

Outing #15 today— a quick journal entry here…. Keeping a written journal has been an important part of this– I wish I had done it more consistently in the other two phases—and why I didn’t is beyond me. I keep journals on a regular basis, require my team to do so, and I even did it when going through  Pathfinder. 

I needed a day away. Had dealt with a bear on my back the past few days— was able to shake it and feeling much better. Took Friday off because I was exhausted- even after a restful weekend of doing little projects– I was beat. Part of that may be due to getting sick—or just being tired with the wrestling of emotions—-either way—500% better…..

So I burned another day of vacation…. around 11 am felt good enough to grab the dogs and head to Lake Lowell. Really havene’t spent much time there. I usually fly over it (I’m a private pilot and my co-op aircraft sits just off Lake Lowell in Nampa).

Spent most of my time wondering the area, collecting and testing possible cordage candidates, and collecting various items for charring….still one of my favorite activities. Will post pics later if I can find a card to pull them off my camera.

Did get home to play in my “BushLab” where I made two improvised charrs…. one actually a hammock, the other from an old T10 parachute.

I will continue to add to my trip reports and journal entries for Advanced.

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