Advanced Training Journal- Outing #2

At one point I was participating in a course that we were required to provide journal entries of the task we were doing. I found these old entries and thought I would share them (randomly) here. I will post pics and associated videos as I come across them.

17 Dec 2014

I chose Swan Falls because we have spent quite a bit of time there. Unfortunatly they have blocked of many of the areas we used to play in and have started establishing camp sites— so getting access to trees, etc was difficult. I also needed to get Abeni in the woods for her first Basic outing.

We both strugged with fires. She had trouble with her twig fire because she didn’t follow the procedures–in fact, she tried to light a huge bush. I had to work with her, but she did well i the end

I worked on my one-stick fire. I struggled for about an hour– and learned from several mistakes— the firsrt is I need to make larger tinder bundles.

Video Here

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