Advanced Training Journal- Outing #3

At one point I was taking part in a bushcraft class where we were required to post our activities– using this space to consolidate (randomly) my journal entries


17 Dec 2014

For outing #3 I chose the High Valley area- simply because it is not normally accessible this time of year. It had its early November snow of 2-3′ but most of that has dissipated with the unseasonably warm weather. I also wanted an area Abeni had not trained in so we could drop her off for another outing towards her Basic Certification.

I worked at doing one-stick fires again— learning more from mistakes than anything. I am pretty dood with fire— but for some reason, the one-stick is kicking by behind. I think its more about making tinder. I also know everything was wet. Last— I am tring to work on the fire, video, and photgraph it— I need to work a solution for this…

Overall good outing.

Video Here

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