Advanced Training Journal- Outing #4


From 2013 to early 2015I was taking part in an advanced bushcraft class where we were required to post our activities– using this space to consolidate (randomly) my journal entries

25 Dec 2014

I need to get Abby comfortable with working in the dark. We also have some major tune-up work on her fire craft skills. While I need to work on my own Advanced certification- I feel its important to continue to coach her on her goal of making Basic in BushClass.

While she worked on her twig fire skills, I took a piece of Juniper I picked up in Nevada while out on one of my Basic outings to use in my one-sticks. I have ben struggling with shavings and tinder bundles on these– I have not been preparing enough materials. This is a skill I know I need lots of practice on since I rely heavily on natural tinder such as grass, birds nest, and other materials I find when on a hike. 

I used my British Survival Knife— the huge anvil knife–which is great for battening and decent–though not great at making shavings and tinder. I also tried a different fire steel—one from Firesteel,com and was not happy with it at all…..

I enjoyed more of the evening spending time with Abby and helping her grow in her skills. As we sat by the fire in my camp, she read several short stories to me she has been working on….

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