Advanced Training Journal- Outing #5

Adding to my journal entries from an advanced class I took where we had to post our journal entries–thought this would be a good place to consolidate those

As I write this— we just had our Christmas Tree. While the girls got a few bushcraft items such as mora knives and multi-tools, I have new shirts to make me look good at work and stay warm. Its quiet and I have a chance to reflect on a wonderful day with my daughter…and perhaps dream of something bushcrafty showing up in a stocking….or perhaps I face reality and go buy something for myself…..

We headed out today to get in the snow. Abeni and I both need to be better in this environment. I hate it— so I force myself to train in it.

I have tried to like snow. I snowshoe, ski, and as a stretch- played ice hockey— I simply hate being cold. So what beter way to train.

I concentrated my day on shelter building, tried to work on a stick fire with a yellow pine branch, and looking for fat wood. I ended up helping Abby with her shelter and fire. It wasn’t bad–in fact it turned out to be a great day.

I need to get good at making tinder— I know I rely on pine needles to get a fire going. It is so abundant, but once it rains or the snow hits—game over. Abby does the same. I need to know she can survive without me—so I have two options— better training and education— or give her enough tools—in this case tinder–to light anything on fire.

All in all— a great day. A day a dad gets to hang with his little girl and drink hot chocolate is not a bad day at all. We got about an inch of snow while on site. As we were leaving it dumped on us—glad we pulled out when we did. Right now the mountains are getting pounded with high winds and another 6-8 inches.


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