Advanced Training Journal- Outing #6

Another addition from my journal enties– should point out that the dates are reflective of the journal posting and not the actual dates of the event–may be one or two days off…

Its just us. We don’t have family here. There is no going home for Christmas, we are home. All we have is each other. So the riyuals and obligations on holidays are absent for duty. So we often go to the woods. This is true of both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I needed to collect materials for my Advanced– I wanted to start locating and practicing natural cordage. I also wanted an opportunity to mess around with my new BCUSA tarp— the one you could park a small invasion force underneath. I also needed to help Melissa get caught up on her Basic tab, while I have Abeni continuing to do outings until I am confident she can hold her own out there alone. 

Both ladies did a wonderful job. Melissa (Sport1996) did knife sharpening and her twig fire requirements. I gave Abby (Abeni) just a few skills…putting up tarps and then just letting her wonder around the woods and explore.


It was great watching both of my girls grow in experience and confidence. Abby’s skills with the tarp have grown 10x of where they were just a few weeks ago. She is maturing into a good bushcrafter. Melissa is growing as well. She gets frustrated, but needs to learn its okay to make mistakes.

One point on Abeni….. she will probably do more than the required outings for Basic. I will include more night operations, fire building, and possibly game preparation for her before she submits her final outings for basic. I need her to be 100% confident in her skills. To see the work I am doing with her….check out her Basic Outings Page

was great to see Melissa get a twig fire going!!!!


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