Advanced Training Journal- Outing #8

As I said on previous post– these are random journal entries from a class I did– so not sure why I can’t find entry #7—so here we go with #8. Maybe I will find it later….

Starting temp was 35 and it will dropped to the teens…..I used this outing to help Abby complete her BushClass Basic.

28 Dec 2014

She got a fire going, has her tarp up, and has run the Overnight as her own. She is wrapped in her wool blankets, has a space blanket over the top of her, and she is snoring loud enough I can hear her over the pops of the fire.

I wanted her to have a chance to do this on her own with little or no help. She is strong-willed, so I have opted to move out here with her tonight to make sure she doesn’t push herself to stay if she starts freezing….

This has been a great journey. I’m not sure how we will end it—but it will be with ceremony. Thinking about a night ruck march with her and give her the basic tab at the end by a fire. Perhaps we’ll call it good and let her submit her outings thread for approval and take her to breakfast when its a go. Not sure yet— will sleep on it.

This is a kid who helps others learn to create fire with a ferro rod, give up a slot for a hunting camp so another kid can attend, and volunteer to work with others who don’t have friends to hang with. She finds quiet spots in the woods to pray….

She is a great kid and so happy to share this – and other passions in my life with her. She has camped with me since she was barely able to walk. We hunt, fish, ski, hike, and even play drums together. We build RC “expedition rigs” and drive to events to “play with our trucks”.

Looking at her wrapped up in a couple of wool blankets by a fire she created- under a tarp that will keep the frost off of her… I am very proud…. In a few days she will post and submit her final outings thread and sew on Basic…. I can’t wait….

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