Time Out to Get Training

Adding more to my collection of journal entries— this is from a point I had to take a time out and get some coaching on my own fire skills…


31 December 2014

I have struggled with the one-stick fires—mainly with sparking the tinder pile. So I had a chance to work with two highly accomplished outdoorsmen…xxxx xxxxxx and yyyyy yyyyyy. I swear, these guys could light wet concrete if asked to….

xxxxxx was real good about working with me and showing me where I was making a minor mistake— it was all about creating fine shavings and keeping the tinder bundle tight. After a few minutes, I had it down and even experimented with different edge tools. The guy is crazy awesome with a blade…undersands the tool dynamics, and is open to share his experience. yyyyy is equally accomplished n the woods and his quiet confidence is contagious. Abeni and I had an awesome time. We also talked wood types (another mistake- my wood has had too much pitch in it) and making cordage. 

I figure I am pretty good at this stuff and admit– it was difficult to admit I couldn’t do or figure out where I was failing. But having a community that encourages and teaches rather than judges and patronizes you is why I love being a part of it. I gained a huge education today!



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