Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #1

So just like I posted up some of the random journal notes of my Advanced certification- I decided to do the same with some of the entries from my Intermediate as well.

20 October 2014 (Lake Tahoe Nevada)

Traveling from Boise to San Jose for business, I stopped of in Reno. My target was the area around Truckee– but I was too tired to push on. So I hooked up a nice stay in Reno at the Nugget…. forgetting that no matter how hard you try to sleep— nobody else in the hotel is.

Finally around 3am I had enough– checked out and drove West in the dark. I found a boat lauch/state park on the NE side of the lake. The attendant was just opening up for a couple of guys in boats to he let me in as well. 

My Jeep was pretty well packed and I couldn’t lean the seats back to sleep. So I grabbed a couple wool blankets and tried to get comfortable on the picnic table, then in a couple of pine trees on the boundary, and then eventually leaning on some rocks.

I woke to one of the most amazing sights— I had no idea the lake was so big. 

I baked Bannoch bread and scrounged for stuff to try to light for my natural tenders assignment. I did find an abandoned raft that had been ripped up, salvaged some webbing on it, and threw in my pack for a later experiment.


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