Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #5


Still adding more of these as I find them…

A big part of the training course focused around completing task required during your outings. During the intermediate I had to make both a bow saw and buck saw– both of which I still use today. I also had to do some fire craft on this trip

1 November 2014

I have been looking for a day where it was wet, windy and cold. I am using an area along the Black Canyon Resivoir. I needed an area to work in that would be fairly accessible when the snow and ice hits in a few weeks. I had to deal with high winds, and even inds shifting as a front passed through- changing the layout of my shelter.

I chose to fast starting at 2 pm yesterday and not eat while on the trip. I wanted to observe how I would do when hungry. I finished my field problem at 4 pm today and promptly headed to the best buger joint in Emmett. I have done food deprevation when younger, but I wanted to know how my body and mind would react 20 years later…. I get cranky….

For outing #5 I worked on several skills. I really like how these build on each other. I chose to do more charring, work on the teepee fire lay and star fire for one of my required classes, and build a bow saw. I also to really like all those ridgelines I made, and used techniques out of the wrapping class in the Basic course. Also a great day out with my pup.

Pics and Video from today showing my x3 bundles, the saw I built, and my pup loving on me….



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