Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #6

Adding to the collection of training journal entries-

2 November 2014

The day started with my kiddo in tow to do a recon of the area in High Valley to see how much snow our training area got. With her a few weeks out of ACL/MCL repair on the knee– I didn’t want her tromping through snow, so we moved back down to the Black Canyon area.

Light winds, but everything was soaked. I had her working on her skills of seting up a tarp and starting a twig fire. I did a split wood (unknown species at this time) fire and finished up my last fire lay— the pyramid…and threw in key hole for kicks.

We grilled some cow on the fire, hung out, discussed music lyrics, and each practiced some of our skills. I did some more experimenting with charring.

Splitwood and Pyramid Fire Lay

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