Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #7


So there were several mini-projects I had to do inbetween outings. Making dity bags and saws were just part of the skills to better prep me for the outings….

21 November 2014

Cold day–temps have been single-digit. I wanted to do a splitwood fire (#3) in the snow since I had never done that. I had also been wanting to try the axe I just revived as part of one of the electives. I also wanted to try sparking with an improvised device, so I used an old file to strike rock I found along the river, to light a coal in basswood/cotton wood….as well as make new char material. 

I was also in need of a sheath for both my axe and one of my old survival knives.

Fir was wet from sitting in the snow and rain the past week and was kind of hard to get going. Was glad I had made plenty of pencil and 3-pencil sized pieces because it took allot to keep it going. I used bark as a base….since I was able to get down to dirt.

The sheaths were made from card board and duct tape– I got the idea from one of Ranger Joe’s vids I saw this week.


I also got to use the new (to me) axe I hung as part of the exercise.

Sparking the basswood with an old file I cut and grinded worked less than OK…but did the job. I was most proud of the materials I gathered for tinder—mostly grass, but a few seed pods as well.

I cooked potatos in the fire and hung out with the dogs.

Something pretty evident– I need winter boots and pants. My boots were soaked.

I was also pretty proud of the sheaths I had made 

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