Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #9

I’ve been enjoying adding these to the blog site here— a great reflection of the training I did as well as getting time out in the woods with the family. I had Abby go through the basic certification so I could get an independent validation of her skills. It was fun to watch her skills grow and improve.

24 November 2-14

I still need two more overnight outings which this DOES NOT include- but did want to keep an accurate account of learning.

This one was special because it involves the teaching and metoring of my awesome daughter. Abeni has loved the outdoors since she was walking. She is my warrior princess. On this outing, I set aside many of my own experiments and focused on training her as she is in the pursuit of her Basic Certification.

A wet, sloggy, and cold day was spent on the Black Canyon Resivoir in SW Idaho. Together I taught her the following skills—some of these were common to her—others new—but all needed to be recoded for her to get credit.
Setting a Tarp
Simple Snare
Lanyard for Fire Steel
Custom Fire Steel
Metal Cooking Device
Whipping a Tool and Rope
Char Natural Material
Hat Full of Shavings

Of course–teaching her made me better at them as well

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