Earning Survival Skill Merit Awards

Currently the skills awards include FireCraft and Navigation. For each award there will be the initial award and then tabs/rockers signifying advanced work. These workshops and clinics include materials, however the participant may be required to provide resources, equipment, park entry fees, etc. Not everyone who attends the class will earn the award- it is based on the ability to perform the actual skills.

In addition, these are workshops where you meet face to face with an instructor or coach. There is not an online, challenge, or test-out component.

NOTE TO BSA UNITS– We do offer a special package for Boy Scout groups to earn our awards. There is no charge but we do ask

  1. You cover the cost of materials and patches
  2.  A little “sweat equity” is much appreciated.

Here is what we currently offer, again this is a growing list:

Basic/Advanced/Master Survival

FireCrafttwig 2

Click HERE for the Checklist

Click HERE for the Handbook

An additional award is being created for Master rocker/tab.


Click Here for the Checklist

An additional award is being created for both Advanced and a rocker/tab for GPS identifier.

Want to improve your GPS Skills?

2 thoughts on “Earning Survival Skill Merit Awards

  1. natedawg4081

    Love what you are doing and can’t wait to continue on with my skills and training. Thank you for continuing on with this.


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