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Survival- You’re Doing it Right


I love seeing stories where someone does it right. Story below about a teen who built a snow cave when he became lost skiing on Sugar Loaf.

Having knowledge and skills are paramount for all outdoor enthusiast. You never know when you will need to use these skills. We have to keep in mind that when in the outdoors, we are not truly in our element and need to be ready for when those skills have to be leveraged.

Keep a kit for the type of activity you participate in. Even though we ski our “little” mountain resort here in Boise, I still keep a small survival kit with me. Imagine the lights going out on a night run or a blizzard coming through and wondering outside the boundaries of the ski areas and placed in a position where you need to spend the night. Having a basic kit with you can not only mean the difference in life or death, but also comfort or misery as you either wait out the situation to improve or wait for rescue.

Here is the original story of someone doing it right

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Scooters Prep

Its that time of year we checkout as we prep for Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp. While our days still have us working the 9-5 (well 6-6), we have been spending each evening and weekend getting ready for the camp. In the mean time, we are still rock’n our podcast, building videos, and doing all the other activities that support Adventure IQ.

On the heals of that we will be taking a journey to Arizona to attend workshops at Overland Expo to get our crew ready for new adventures.

We also have our own kids day camp we are doing this year in August. We have built a dynamic team of instructors who will train 10-15 year-olds outdoor skills such as fire building, water purification, shelter, and wilderness first aid.

Stay tuned….

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