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Bullies in the Locker Room

Okay- not so adventure-based, but definitely something to think about when with your adventure buddies…

Since the story about Dolphins punk Richie Incognito broke I have been in Jonathan Martin’s camp. There was just something about the way this was getting played out. You can look back on previous postings and see where I stated that this was a probably not limited to just a bully and one other person- it was going to reveal that others on both sides of the bully-ball were going to be involved.

I have also shared on the podcast how I grew up as a victim of bullying. Now I do understand and even condone that kids need to work things out to a degree. Part of what makes our society solid is a bit of toughening up. I could share horror stories of some of the hazing that took place in some of my military units. Even though I was on the receiving end much of the time- I would not want it to go away. It is part of what united us.  One key difference in what took place in my various units- once the “initiation” was complete- you were no longer hazed and you were part of the team.

Everyone has had that one bully in life. I hate bullies and look for opportunities to take them down.

Everyone has had that one bully in life. I hate bullies and look for opportunities to take them down.

Growing up there was always that one fat bastard who terrorized everybody. We all have a Scott Farkus in life. That one kid with yellow eyes like in the movie Christmas story. They were the fortunate few that hit puberty a bit earlier and had a mean streak to go along with it. Let me say this strait. I hate bullies and when opportunity strikes- I take them out. A few years ago I was confronted on a side street. Some Billy-Bob Redneck tried to take me out in my Jeep by forcing me off the road and into a parking lot. Getting out of his over-sized (never seen mud) pick-up he was quickly heading at me in my rig shouting I was a poser (referring to my Jeep). Fortunately for him, he changed his mind as he was approaching my vehicle. I had my side arm trained on him out of site, below the door frame. The hammer was back and one or two steps more he would have been a corpse.

There are a few things about this case that sickens me. The first is head coach Joe Philbin was either naïve about the situation or just didn’t care. The Wells’ report goes out of its way to protect the coach. As a leader you are responsible for everything your team does or fails to do. Philbin had to have insiders who knew what was going on.

Let me go through my list of what I see as insulting in the scenario.

Team Integrity

We know through actions, well inaction the Joe Philbin is a horrible leader. But he isn’t the only one. The locker room has a lack of leaders. At no point did anyone take a stand. At no point did anyone accept Martin into the family. At no point did a leader emerge to watch Martin’s back. Instead of standing up for Martin at some point, toadies Mike Pouncey and John Jerry continued to “punk” Martin, including on a yacht trip with the team.

The Dolphins Locker Room sounds more like a frat house. You know, the place that produces more alcohol abuse, gang rape, and test cheating than any other location on campus.

Incognito is a Blatant Liar

There are times I really believe bullies have more brawn than brains. Instead of admitting the issue and fixing it, Richie’s social media went on full-blown overload to refute the claims. Dude, there are times you need to just shut up. Apologize. Don’t make excuses, don’t destroy evidence, and don’t try to get people into your corral. Say you’re sorry and take your lumps. Incognito said “The truth will set me free” and then added to Martin, “The truth is going to bury you and your entire ‘camp”. Victims rarely have allies willing to stand with them, and as above, Martin really didn’t have a camp. Side note Richie, your camp ratted you out for the punk you are.

Martin Wasn’t the Only Target of Opportunity

We already established that bullies have to have a tribe to be successful. They also thrive on multiple targets they can single out when one is not available. This also helps to weaken any opposition that may come at them. It’s an age-old tactic used by the ruthless.

The Wells’ report mentions taunting of a fellow offensive player, Andrew Mc Donald and that taunting included sexual slurs and allegations of homo-sexuality. To make matters worse, “leadership” aka Offensive Line Coach Jim Turner was aware of a locker room joke that McDonald was gay.

I guess Turner was missing some of the frat house camaraderie so he decided to participate in the taunting as well. It gets better guys, to celebrate the giving for Christmas; Turner gave the offensive linemen gift bags that included inflatable female dolls for all of the offensive linemen except McDonald, who received a male ‘blow-up’ doll.

The Dolphins line apparently was not content with limiting their reign of terror to personal insults and psychological and physical abuse. They decided to pull race into their bag of tricks. Athletic Trainers are some of the most giving individuals in the world. Their main gig in life is to keep those superstars we watch every Sunday healthy. It’s a thankless job. They handle feet and ass each day and are relatively low on the totem pole.

In spite of everything he did to keep his players safe and pain-free, on the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Incognito and fellow punks Jerry and Pouncey strapped on traditional Japanese headbands that featured a rising sun emblem and threatened to harm the Assistant Trainer physically in retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attack. Once again Turner was involved. He gave the head bands to his three stooges.

Most Victims Don’t Feel They Can Fight Back


As I said before, I was bullied. I will call one out by name, Greg Thelander. Read in my blog and listen to podcast that I have done where I discuss near drowning, having me head sat on while he farted on my face, and where I was continually pounced on. How he stole everything from cigarettes to porn and stashed them at my house, and when getting caught I was too afraid he would retaliate and had to take the fall on my own. I am now a different man, and Greg, well karma is a bitch dude…

Some of the early postings I read about Martin included asking why at 300 plus pounds, he didn’t jack one in the jaw of Incognito. Remember, bullies run in packs, they keep you intimidated, and for a team…well no one wants to rock the boat. Incognito ran the line. Richie and crew had their own rules, including a published code, complete with fines for offensives that went against the greater good of the team. Richie, maybe you should have been tracking and fining for the 50+ sacks your incompetent line allowed. Perhaps Incognito should use those fines to reimburse Dolphin fans as well.

The bullying didn’t start for Martin once he became a Dolphin. Like most of us, it begins somewhere before middle school and continues throughout high school. For me, bullying, which diminished my own self-confidence, feelings of self-worth, and self-esteem to a point I just wanted to disappear. In fact, I was bullied so much I often went on long runs or bike rides to avoid getting taunted.

Martin admits periodic bouts of depression during his formative years, and later as a professional player when he even contemplated suicide after a cyber bully session from Incognito. Understandable, whether it a pro sports team, your fellow soldiers on a convoy team, or your office mates, when you don’t feel your are valued to the team, it infects every part of your soul.

Incognito Knows He Was Wrong

Most Bullies, in spite of how big and strong they are, really are cowards. Incognito ordered his followers to destroy the code book, lie to investigators, and squelch evidence. Jonathan Martin may never play another down of football, which is sad. He is a brilliant man who had a good college career at Stanford, has a loving family that supports him, and could likely be a good role model in the right situation when surrounded by a supportive team. From what I see in the Wells’ report is a huge pay-day for Martin. Incognito, Turner, Pouncey, and Jerry had an opportunity to take somebody who really wanted to please his team and perform at high expectations and do nothing but tear him down. Richie Incognito has a history of bad decisions not only on the football field, but on the golf course as well. Now he has taken it to another level. You hate to wish ill-will on people, but as I said before…karma is a bitch dude…

Little Red Camp Fire – Product Review


We picked up the Little Red Camp Fire specifically for our trip to Reno in early December. We knew temps were going to be in the mid-teens and wanted a way to keep warm in an area we couldn’t have a wood fire.

I had been looking to test one of these for several months. This last year, fire ravaged our beautiful Idaho back country and burn bans were rightly in place to protect us from all the morons who don’t know how to properly control a camp fire in dry conditions. I love hanging with the family around a camp fire, good conversations often result around open flame.

My immediate expectations were not met with this unit. Pre-trip testing showed that you had to stand practically on top of the unit to stay warm in 38 degree temps with 50% humidity. I decided to supplement the unit with lava rock to help retain and radiate heat.

In operational temps ranging from 9 to 22 degrees and 20% humidity, the unit was useless. Even with the lava rock, there was little or no useful heat from the unit.

I also found the unit to be indecisive on ignition and adjustment. The regulator and controls are poorly constructed. I had to fiddle with the control knob to get a steady flame and trying to just get the thing lit was a complex operation due to the cheap regulator.

I had read several reviews from other campers enjoying their unit in spite of the loud hissing noise. To me it is a non-concern. Yes it is loud, but really no worse than lanterns hanging around a camp site.

It comes with what I think are ceramic logs and ceramic ash. Used for the dual purpose of radiating heat and esthetics, they attempt to make the fire a bit more realistic. I found they are also cheaply made. When we unpacked it on our trip, the logs had cracked in half. At this point, I have not found a replacement.

Housing for the unit keeps it compact and protected, well except for the fake logs, I found the clamps that keep it secure to be difficult to manipulate when closing. Getting two on was no issue, but that third one was a pain. It was even more painful when closing the unit in 20 degree temps when your fingers are numb.

I would recommend the unit for summer campers who are in a burn ban and just need to knock the chill out of the air or who want a nice camp fire to chat around. Packing a single gas cylinder from my BBQ pit was nice and I didn’t have to factor in the variance that packing wood causes. For more serious back country camping in the late fall or winter, I cannot recommend this unit. At this point if you are just looking for warmth, there are other propane option I would look into. For what I spent on this unit, I will stick with my Volcano, and just add lava rock to the propane unit of it.

This was really disappointing and I hope to get better use of it this summer when the burn bans hit. Until then, I will keep it packed away,

Scooters Prep

Its that time of year we checkout as we prep for Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp. While our days still have us working the 9-5 (well 6-6), we have been spending each evening and weekend getting ready for the camp. In the mean time, we are still rock’n our podcast, building videos, and doing all the other activities that support Adventure IQ.

On the heals of that we will be taking a journey to Arizona to attend workshops at Overland Expo to get our crew ready for new adventures.

We also have our own kids day camp we are doing this year in August. We have built a dynamic team of instructors who will train 10-15 year-olds outdoor skills such as fire building, water purification, shelter, and wilderness first aid.

Stay tuned….

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Expedition Leadership Simulations

Nerd Alert!
Disclaimer….this methodology may be out of scope of what you may have considered for leadership development in adventure based activities….in addition…. I am not a true gamer. I was such an outcast in high school that the science club one shoved me in a locker and I was even turned down for a date by a girl who played French Horn…

I digressed from the start…

The past few years I have been using a self-modified version of Dungeuns and Dragons to teach leadership, decision making, communication, and expedition planning. Without going into the technical aspect, I have seen tremendous success in all of these areas.

Most adventure participants have a fairly decent grasp on their technical disciplines. Its when we bring a team together in place them in diverse and situations we see how well they can work together and communicate to successfuly resolve the situation.

In the simulations I have participants build on a multude of skills they either pocess, or the skills of their character. Since we have introduced Emergenetics into our Expedition Leadership coaching and workshops, we are not only able to see how thenparticipants prefer to act (through their character) but also to act OPPOSITE of their profile through their character. This provides them with a safe enviroment to test the waters of a preference or skill they do not pocess. For example, someone who scores with preferences of structure and analysis will ease into the technical aspects of the game. Hit Points, Armor Class, Skill Test, etc are easy for them. Developing a back story for their character, nearly impossible for some.

For nearly five years now we have been using this as another approach to build leaders as well as bringing teams together. While I may not have all the discipline of a game master (the guy who guides the game, acts as a referee, and essentially works to facilitate the adventure), I’m doing well enough to get teaching points across and facilitate the development of the participants….helping them transfer knowledge and skills from catacombs to camps.

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Post Scooter’s Camp Check In

What an amazing camp we had this year. So thankful to be a part of it!

Months of planning and prep work – coming to the beginning of the end for us Friday morning as we re-packed the trailer, I practiced my presentations- and then headed out for set up in Emmett. We made it back to the house around 10 pm– in time to make a few modifications, in bed at midnight and after unrestful night we headed back to Emmett at 5 am. On our feet, answering questions, running seminars, breaking down the camp, late meal with friends, and back to Meridian and unloading the rigs and in bed around midnight again….yes I slept all day Sunday!

I brought in a new face to my seminar, Travis Rosenbury. Travis understands the philosophy of AIQ and is part of my advisory group. I have a whole bag of experts I could bring in for this from the survival standpoint- Travis has the people skills I needed to compliment the demonstrations. He was a great addition.

255 kids- and lots of questions from parents- in fact- enough that we did a parent’s seminar during lunch!

I have lots of updates to make in the next few weeks– we are going to go through each question we had and make an individual video for it– plus a special video on what goes into a kids pack.

New stuff this year:

We introduced fire puck- specifically to parents. Huge hit- I probably could have sold 30-50 of them!

Signal mirrors this year we had our participants using it on an appropriate target — Jeff our knife guy. (Jeff and I have a seven-year banter going on– makes it fun for the kids)

Increased the interaction of participants on water purification.

A move away from the magnesium block to more modern fire strikers.

Up next– I have to get sponsors on board– Fire Puck was a great start for us–they donated demo material and I already have reports this morning of residual sales at Home Depot.  Now if I can get SPOT locator, Light My Fire, and either MSR or Katadyn on board with their product– we will have a healthy start.

We have also decided that this year we are going to do something different with our survival classes. I have never accepted a dime for providing training. We still have a few private sessions open this year. From this point forward we are requesting a donation to Hunt of a Lifetime to do our survival course. This is a great cause to support. I am not the guy to take a kid on a hunt, but still want to bring awareness and raise money for this organization. If you already booked- I won’t hold you to it, but would appreciate something if you feel lead to do so.

Again- a great camp and I was impressed with how nice the kids were this year and how involved the parents were. This was also a great year for me as I really got to know the other volunteers around me– what an awesome group Scott as brought together!