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Into Korea

Was so happy to make it into Hong Kong. Once I had my ticket and the gate assignment I did what anyone would do with a couple hundred Yuen to exchange to dollars…. I spent it! Forgetting there is a conversion to HK dollars I probably didn’t do so well. But I found a few items I “just couldn’t live without”.

Shopping has been a challenge this time. Not sure why its so different from other travels. I think partly because I am just not in the mood. Also I have tried to be kind to my various host, who I am sure have to take every round-eye from the states to the local discount mall. Imagine if every time you had time with a college visiting, you were pressed into service to take them shopping. I have preferred to spend time over dinner with them instead. Sorry Abby and Melissa… Daddy is bringing home only a few trinkets…most from the airport….hope you like small bags of snacks and up-opened packets of refreshing towletts….

Immigrating into Korea had one interesting moment. As I was passing my yellow sheet….the immigration form over to the petite, young…and very attractive officer…. I realized I had not placed my “permanent Korean address on the line that required it. I honestly did not know the name of the hotel much less the address. So I quickly scribbled the name of my company. Not only was she cute, polite, and….wow a uniform is really sexy….but she was smart and quickly caught on that a technology company was in no way a proper address. I began explaining that the company and then had the bright idea I would talk as fast as I could with lots of hand gestures and smile. I spoke fast…. Auctioneer at a fire sale fast.

The tactic worked and as she handed back my passport with the entry stamp I gave her my best “I love you and would like to take care of you for the rest of your life” smile, gave a wink, and walked as fast as I could to the driver. As a typical male, I soon forgot her once I met my driver and slid into the car for the ride to Seoul. Not that she was forgettable, but because once in the car I was given a bottle of water, a plug for my iPad, and a in-car WiFi connection. Girls are great….technology is better.

Speaking of charging, I was more concerned about my own personal energy. I was worried about hitting the office on dead batteries and not being amped up for the workshop. Coming out of a Presentation Skills workshop I am pretty beat up. Coming out of two back-to-back…. I feel like I went a few rounds in MMA…. Two classes where english is the second language….. Well….. You get the idea. Lets also not forget that I am an introvert, and this outgoing thing for my professional life is great….but admit I am pretty worn out after being a social butterfly. I love people, but I am more of the strong silent type…..

Checking into my hotel helped immediately. So many things worked out so well. I had a great room….err…..bachelors pad. Stereo, big screen, washer/dryer, kitchen, etc. the bathroom is bigger than the room in Shenzhen! It gets better…..down stairs is a huge mall….with a food court. The food court has an Outback Steak House. Outback has baseball, forks, steak, and takes AMEX! Life is so good!

Time to sign off….but the batteries are recharged, I’m eating well, and ready to start working!


Pig Brains and Geocaching

Yes….that was my evening wrapping up day 2. One of the experiences I enjoyed from the first was “hot pot”. No this is not what you might think it is, it has nothing to do with brownies or an illegal substance.

Hot Pot is a style of meal preparation. In the diner you are seated at a table equiped with a burner and a pot. You arder the ingredients from the menu that you would like to place in a pot of boiling water. Any part of animal or plant you can imagine is open for negotiation between the people dining.

Belinda and I met up after work for what had to be the wildest taxi ride yet. I was certain at any moment I would hear the sound of us crunching into a bus or the thud and sight of flying human parts as we hit someone in the crosswalk. By Chinese standards this had to be the most wreckless driver In the country. Suicide bombers drive with more care.

We clung to our seats as we arrived at the “book centre” which includes a small shopping mall and a very large park. After fending off the flirting waiters we settled into our order. Something I am gettingnused to is the time and care a waiter will take to consult you on your selections. In our hot pot we selected among other (many other) things various mushrooms, sprouts, fish, prawn, qual eggs, tofu, and pig brains. The porkus crainius was a selection by our waiter. I think it was an attempt to see of the round eye would squirm. I actually found it pretty good.

After a really nice dinner and conversation we went for coffee and a walk. In the park we found tai-chi practice, bad minton, American line dancing (Kenny Wayne Shepperd), Chinese ballet, fan dancing, and many musicians playing both Asian and Western instruments.

I pulled out the GPS and found we were only 800 meters from a micro cache. I had been trying to explain to Belinda geocaching, only to feel like the highschool science nerd explaining the physics of Star Trek to the prom queen. Belinda is smart, incredibly smart…. I could tell she wasn’t understanding and had that special look a girl gives a guy who has just told her what her name means in Elven and why Lord of the Rings has a deeper plot in life.

We began our search in a murky dark area of the park, with Belinda saying several times “is this dangerous?” keep in mind we are in Communist China at dark lurking around communication lines and generators with a GPS and a flashlight….

After taking her up stairways, cooridors, and the backside of the park….after searching around airducts and power boxes we found the micro.

Not sure how impressed she was, but she did admit it was fun

Feeling like Indiana Jones, I decided not to push our luck, and instaed of looking for another cache that was close by, I guided us to a taxi and returned in another crazy cab ride back to the hotel.

So wraps up day 2, in the morning it is off to teach my workshop.




Shenzhen Day 1

Not even sure if I can get this to publish from here but will give it a shot…

Left Boise in the early hours of Friday and boarded the first of many flights, drivers, and a short walk through Chineese immigration, and finally into Shenzhen. Slept for only a few hours, wide awake at 6am so I decided to eat a huge breakfast and begin exploring the city today. The primary target was to find the Stone Trees, a pertified forrest located in Fairy Lake National Park, about 8 miles or 30 minutes in a crazy taxi…..

I found a really interesting park in my quest and was able to knock out another goal and see the Hong Fa Buddist Temple.

The taxi dropped me at the gate, I paid my 10 rmb, and decided to walk up and through the park instead of taking the bus. Inspite of spraining an ankle, I had a great workout and according to the GPS, walked about 4 miles. That is 4 miles of inclines, declines, humidity, and dodging cars, bikes, and anything else with wheels.

I saw a procession of monks reciting their creedos as the walked up hill to the temple. I made good time on them since every 5-7 seconds their walk included stopping to lay prostrate and then get up and walk again.

I will do a more detailed write up later, still tired from the trip over and I need to see if this will even post up. BTW….no facebook or youtube this week…. China bans it….

Also best American hamburger….. 4 Points Hotel in Shenzhen…. I wish we would back to making burgers like that again.

Off to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs I down loaded…. and find some dinner