Kids Survival Camp 2016

camp 1Each year we host a special day for kids age 10-15 to learn basic survival skills completely free of charge.

Registration will begin July 1 at 10am for the 2015 Camp. The link will be posted here when registration opens.

In this one day camp our instructors teach essential outdoor skills such as Fire Craft, Shelter Building, Purifying Water, Slingshot Shooting, First Aid, Back Country Readiness, Cleaning and Cooking Game, and Emergency Signal.

We require parents attend so they can see the training we are doing and help their kids gain mastery of the skills. We also want them present for the small victories and to be part of the graduation ceremony!

There is no way we could do this if it were not for the time of our volunteer team and our amazing sponsors and supporters. These include At Home Medical Partners, Boise Army-Navy, Cabela’s, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Power Engineers, Scooters Youth Hunting Camp, Sportsmans’ Warehouse, and all of individual contributors.

Every kid that completes our camp, leaves with foundational skills that can be built on and a renewed appreciation for the outdoors. Slots are limited and the camp fills quickly, so please register early.



2015 UPDATE: We had an amazing camp this year and I want to thank everyone who came out.

Our graduates received hands-on experience in filtering water, cleaning game, building shelter, building fires, using slingshots, signaling for help, and providing self aid/ buddy aid in medical emergencies.

This year we went beyond “sampling” cooked game, we featured rabbit and chucker the primary staple for lunch along with back country baking. Participants also witnessed first hand how to cook on open pit.

We graduated 51 survivors this year and thanks to the generosity of sponsors like Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Industrial Revolution, Propper Tactical Wear, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Power Engineers, Abundant Life Baptist Church, and our individual contributors every kid walked away with gear for their packs.

camp 2



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