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Building Shelter

Using Signal Mirror

Giardia- YUCK!

Adventure IQ Skill Award- Fire Craft

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Stories of Tragedy

We have collected years of research and will start posting articles as we find them here for your own reading. Please use this as a catalyst for your own skills and knowledge.

Girl Survives- Father Dies in Backcountry Plane Crash

Proving Again Drinking and Camping Don’t Mix Well

Another Dies of Exposure- Remember that Rule of 3’s We Taught You?

Sad Jeep Trip

The Real Robinson Crusoe

Well, At Least He Left a Note- Too Bad He Didn’t Take Survival Gear

Yeshiva Skier Dies of Dehydration

Survive the Crash, Die of Exposure

Hunter Dies of Hypothermia

Father Keeps it Together to Help Sons Survive

Snowmobilers Lost and One Dies of Exposure

Mountain Biker on Short Celebration Dies in Storm

Hunter Dies of Hypothermia

Men Abandoned Air-Conditioned Vehicle and Walk to Tragic Ending

Experienced Hiker and Sons Die of Hypothermia

Mesa Woman Dies in Utah Canyon

Experienced Outdoor Writer Dies of Hypothermia

Longmont Woman’s Death Due To Hypothermia After Argument

Man Dies Slow Lonely Death in Desert Ravine

One Lives- One Dies in Nevada Desert When Vehicle is Stranded

Rafter Dies in Snake River- Wearing Life Jacket

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